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​​​​​​​High fenced hunting operation with genetically enhanced deer, beautiful views, varying terrain and large water features throughout. There are very few high fenced ranches with the diverse beauty and potential of Old Glory.


Old Glory has outstanding views with mountains, mesas, plateaus, valleys and hillsides all in one large ranch. Terrain has over 400 feet of elevation change. Driving from the headquarters site you have a view of the large canyon and valley enclosed within the property. The vegetation includes Cedar and Mesquite. The owner has conducted an extensive NRCS program to improve the native grasses and grazing value of the property. 


​​​​​​​The high fencing throughout the property is newer, most parts less than 7 years old. Heavy duty water gaps are constructed with steel piping and 3/4-inch-thick conveyor belts. The ranches entire perimeter is high fenced and cross fenced with high fence. Deer breeding pens are constructed with steel pipe and a below ground foundation anchoring system. 


​​​​​​​Old Glory has been stocked with 300" Whitetail genetics. The deer used in the enhancement program are from a variety of bloodlines. Other game includes a healthy herd of Mule Deer, Aoudad, a thriving Quail population, Turkey and Hogs. The property is located near the middle of the Texas Flyway increasing the current waterfowl hunting as the ranch improves the amount of surface water.  


​​​​​​​There are ten blinds and spin feeders, ten 1-ton feeders, five 1/2-ton feeders and 8 creep feeders (500lb capacity) all will convey.


​​​​​​​The headquarters site has a manufactured home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. There is a metal contractor’s building used as a foreman's home, and a mobile home for guests and hunters. 


The owner has recently constructed numerous large lakes that catch the water drainage from the large ravines on the property. There are currently 7 large lakes with numerous springs and wet weather creeks, the largest lake being over 75 acres. Larger water structures have been stocked with Bass and Perch. There is ​​​​​a shallow canal along the valley of the property with live water. Water wells in this area are in the 75' to 150' depth range. ​​​​​​​There is one domestic well for the headquarters.  No other ranch in this area has the number and size of water features matching Old Glory Ranch.


A considerable added bonus to the hunting operation is the cattle stocking rate, which exceeds the area with the properties improved grasses, brush management, and numerous additional water sources.


The Seller will convey any mineral interest and executive rights owned to the buyer. 

Detailed improvements have been made to the ranch’s overall aesthetics and marketability. Old Glory is competitively priced to make this a complete operation for the hunter, outdoorsman, cattleman and investor.

Price is $8,325,360.00

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The information contained herein has been deemed reliable, but is not warranted by the Broker, express or implied, and is subject to change, proir sale, errors and/or omissions and withdrawl from market. SHOWN BY APPOINMENT ONLY - DO NOT TRESPASS. Buyer's Broker must be identified on first contact, and must accompany buying prospect on first showing to be allowed full fee participation. If this condition is not met, fee participation will be at sole discretion of Williams Ranch Group LLC, Broker.